Positions & Papers

Briefing on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

April 30, 2013

This briefing on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) (COM(2011)804) is aimed at MEPs who are members of the Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament. They vote on amendments to the Cadec (EPP, FR) report in July and the annex provides analysis and voting recommendations on these proposals.

It is our view that the EMFF is a limited fund of public money that should be used to support the implementation of a CFP that:

  • ends overfishing by restoring to and maintaining fish stocks at healthy levels;
  • provides incentives for environmentally sustainable fishing practices; and
  • reduces damage to marine ecosystems.

OCEAN2012: Public aid for sustainable fisheries

October 29, 2012

Public aid has been identified as a driver for overfishing. The proposed European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) must ensure that future aid does not undermine the objectives of the CFP, but contributes to the transition to sustainable fisheries and towards achieving healthy marine ecosystems. We therefore call on MEPs to amend the Commission proposal.

OCEAN2012: Environmentally harmful subsidies

October 29, 2012

Joint letter to José Manuel Durão Barroso president of the European Commission regarding an roadmap to eliminating environmentally harmful subsidies.

OCEAN2012 Briefing: An initial reaction to the Commission’s package on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

July 12, 2011

In the face of concerted short-term economic interests, the Commission has struggled to craft a proposal that responds adequately to the issues outlined in its 2009 Green Paper. For example the proposal fails to prioritise the objective of achieving environmental sustainability as a prerequisite for achieving social and economic sustainability.The Commission claims to propose a radical reform, yet the most radical aspect of this proposal is the move towards a compulsory near-privatisation of marine resources.

OCEAN2012: Subsidies public funds for public services

June 12, 2010

OCEAN2012 would like the reformed CFP to:

  • stop aid which contributes to maintaining or even increasing overcapacities, in particular all aid for the modernisation of vessels;
  • stop public aid for access to fish resources;
  • use money towards the creation of public goods, such as research, improved control and enforcement and the cooperation between fishermen and scientists as well as greater stakeholder involvement; and
  • make information on fisheries subsidies transparent and accessible.

OCEAN2012: Transforming European fisheries

August 13, 2009

A broad CFP reform now provides an opportunity to make European fisheries economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. There is a need to finally end overfishing and destructive fishing practices, delivering fair and equitable use of resources for future generations. Here we provide a number of opportunities for change for the 2012 reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

OCEAN2012: Regional governance – making it work for fisheries and the environment

June 29, 2009

This paper is intended to provide you with a thought-provoking background before the Conference “Regional Fisheries Management – making it work for fisheries and the environment” which took place on September 29th 2009 in Brussels. The organisers’ purpose is to help you:

  • Think about the concept of regional fisheries management, particularly in a European Community context;
  • Explore potential reforms that might be useful or possible under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP); and
  • Consider the key issues and challenges that may affect the possibilities to take a more regional approach to the management of the European Community’s (EC) fisheries.

OCEAN2012: Discussion paper on the reform of the CFP

June 8, 2009

This paper responds to challenges in the previous reform, proposing a fundamentally new, principle-centred approach to fisheries management in Community waters and for the EU fleet globally. It outlines the key issues that OCEAN2012 - an alliance of organisations dedicated to transforming European Fisheries Policy to stop over-fishing, end destructive fishing practices and deliver fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks - would like to see incorporated into a new CFP.

A report on IUU fishing of Baltic Sea cod

March 28, 2007

A report commissioned by FISH from ORCA-EU. The report is based on a review of the available literature on IUU fishing within the Baltic Sea region, informal meetings/interviews with individuals with an active interest in the Baltic Sea cod fisheries, as well as a review and analysis of the EU fisheries policy and regulatory frameworks for control and enforcement that apply within the Baltic Sea.

Implementing the European Fisheries Fund – Opportunities at Member State level

October 25, 2006

FISH hosted a workshop in Brussels together with WWF EPO and BirdLife International on 5 October 2006. The workshop aimed at identifying the possibilities to use funding from the European Fisheries Fund for sustainable development, and how to effectively engage in the process at Member State level. The background document for the workshop can be used as a guide on how to influence the EFF, or for general understanding of how the processes behind the EFF works.