Technical measures

At FishSec we are working towards implementing technical measures that minimise the impact of fisheries on the marine ecosystem. As a regional stakeholder we are involved in contributing to the development of the Technical Measures Framework and additional technical regulations at a regional level.


What are technical measures? iStock_000023407250_Small

Technical measures are a broad set of rules intended e.g. to reduce wasteful discarding of fish and unintended fishing mortality. These include:

  • specifying fishing gear types and designs
  • rules about where, when and how certain fishing gear may be used.


The technical measures regulations and framework.

Technical measures were previously divided among dozens of different laws which made them difficult to implement and enforce. Therefore the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (EU 1380/2013) introduced a management instrument called technical measures regulations.

In pursuit of modernising and unifying technical measures the European Commission has combined an array of legislation into the Technical Measures Framework. This framework provides baseline technical measures and delegates the creation of fishery-specific technical regulation to regional fisheries management bodies – with considerable input from regional stakeholders including FishSec.


What we do?

FishSec is working with stakeholders across the Baltic Sea region and the EU to develop technical measures that help fisheries managers to meet the sustainability objectives required under EU law. In case fishing operations take place in breach of technical measures already in place we sometimes also alert the appropriate authorities.

Last updated: February 10, 2021

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