Joint NGO letter to Commission to discuss North Sea multiannual plan

April 27, 2016

This letter was sent to Director General Machado as a meeting request to discuss concerns regarding the European Commission's upcoming proposal for a North Sea multiannual plan and inconsistencies with the Common Fisheries Policy

Data Collection Framework Regulation (recast) – overview

January 27, 2016

This briefing was sent to the fisheries attachés of EU Member States. It calls for the improvements to the public accessibility of data collected on fisheries at the national level. Moreover, the scope of data collected should analyse impacts on the wider ecosystem in order to develop synergies with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. We suggest closer ties with Advisory Council and NGOs in order to have stronger stakeholder involvment. We all call for data harmonisation between Member States to be improved.

Reporting progress on achieving MSY exploitation rates

December 17, 2015

This letter was sent to Director General João Aguiar Machado at The European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs & Fisheries regarding reporting progress on achieving MSY exploitation rates.

In this letter we ask Mr Machado to consider our suggestions of improvements to the Commission’s communication of progress towards setting fishing limits in line with Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). We agree that is essential to convey which stocks are already fished at levels in line with CFP Article 2.21, however we have a number of  concerns which we highlight in the letter.

MoU with ICES and information on biomass levels of stocks

November 24, 2015

This letter was sent to Director General João Aguiar Machado at The European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs & Fisheries regarding the MoU with ICES and information on biomass levels of stocks.

In this letter we ask Mr Machado to confirm that in 2016, the Commission will seek advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) on the status of biomass in relation to levels capable of producing maximum sustainable yield (MSY).

Council brief on North Sea and Atlantic stocks TACs for 2016

November 17, 2015

The December Council set TACs for the majority of EU fish stocks for 201. This briefing focuses on certain stocks from the North Sea and Atlantic, and provides recommendations on fishing opportunities for EU stocks in Atlantic waters (COM(2015)559).

The landing obligation and 2016 Atlantic fishing quotas

November 12, 2015

This letter was sent to the Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ahead of the Commission’s proposal for 2016 Atlantic TACs.

In this letter we urge Mr Machado to consider the impact of the landing obligation’s partial implementation on the fixing of Atlantic fishing quotas, and asked him to incorporate our suggestions into the imminent Commission proposal on fixing Atlantic fishing opportunities

Council brief on Baltic TACs for 2016

October 8, 2015

This briefing provide recommendations to the Fisheries Council on the European Commission’s proposal on fishing opportunities in the Baltic for 2016, COM (2015) 413. The Fisheries Council meets on 22 October, and we ask the Council to endorse our recommendations in order to ensure more sustainable utilisation of our common marine resources.

The decision on the Baltic Sea TACs is an opportunity for the Fisheries Council to firmly support the agreed CFP management objectives. We emphasise the need to set fishing  opportunities below the exploitation level that corresponds with maximum sustainable yield (FMSY) by 2015, where possible, and by 2020 at the latest in order to restore and maintain fish stocks above levels capable of producing maximum sustainable yield as required by the CFP.

Commission Consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2016

September 18, 2015

In September 2015 the Fisheries Secretariat responded to the Commission consultation for fishing opportunities for 2016 published in June. This Communication not only sets out the principles for the fixing of fishing opportunities for 2016, but also aims to fulfil the reporting obligation of the Commission in Article 50 of the Common Fisheries Policy on the progress toward achieving Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) and the state of fish stocks.

We respond to the Commission’s general approach and raise concerns over data transparency in their analysis of the state of the stocks. Submissions from other organisations are available on the Commission’s website.

Fishing opportunities for Baltic Sea fish stocks in 2016 – FishSec recommendations to BALTFISH

August 25, 2015

FishSec has produced a short briefing and annex with recommendations for BALTFISH to consider in the discussions regarding Baltic TACs at the meeting on September 1, 2015. The recommendations are based on ICES advice including the update on Western Baltic cod which was published on 16 July.

Council brief on fishing opportunities 2016

June 10, 2015

This letter with recommendations regarding the Communication from the Commission concerning a consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2016, COM (2015) 239 is aimed at the Fisheries Ministers to consider at the upcoming Council meeting. The European Commission sets out principles for the fixing of fishing opportunities for 2016. It shows a clear commitment to implement the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and specifically its MSY objective.