NGO Networking

The Fisheries Secretariat – in collaboration with Seas At Risk and North Sea Foundation – convenes an annual meeting of environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active within Advisory Councils of the EU. We also share information with other Baltic NGOs on fisheries policy issues and coordinate joint activities in the Baltic Sea region.

Inter-Advisory Council coordination
We aim to facilitate and enhance environmental NGO involvement in the development of European fisheries policy in the regional Advisory Councils (ACs).  Our goal is to enhance the integration of environmental considerations. We convene an annual meeting of NGO representatives in all the ACs and coordinate activities between meetings.

Baltic Sea Advisory Council
We coordinate the Other Interest Groups (beyond the fishing sector) within the Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC). This includes taking the lead on joint NGO responses to written position papers within the BSAC.

Baltic Sea NGOs
We share information on key fisheries and marine environment issues and provides a forum for discussion to enhance and strengthen NGO collaboration within the Baltic Sea region.

Last updated: January 27, 2016