Board and Founders

Our Board 

Board members:

Mårten Wallberg (chair), Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Markus Lundgren, Swedish Anglers’ Association

Inger Melander, WWF Sweden


Deputy Board members:

Therese Börjesson, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Nils Ljunggren, Swedish Anglers’ Association

Inger Näslund, WWF Sweden


Our Founders

The Fisheries Secretariat was established in 2003 by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, WWF Sweden and the Swedish Anglers’ Association. These are the member organisations and board members of FishSec.

Who can be a member of FishSec?

Legal entities that share the focus of FishSec’s goals and work can apply for membership. Applications are processed by the Board and approved by the General Meeting.


How we are financed

The Fisheries Secretariat receives financial support from the Swedish government for core costs. Specific projects are financed through a variety of grant giving organisations and foundations.

Grant giving organisations and foundations which have previously supported the Secretariat’s work include, amongst others: Adessium, BalticSea2020, Funding Fish, Mava Foundation, Oak Foundation, Östersjöfonden, Pew Charitable Trust, The Swedish Institute, The Swedish Postcode Foundation, Villum Foundation, The Waterloo Foundation Zennström Philanthropies.


The secretariat is also open to receive donations to support its work. 

If you would like to donate to support our work please contact the office. More information under the section Support Us.

Last updated: May 11, 2023