Past events


Location: Berlin, Germany

Dates: 03 September 2024

The next BALTFISH forum meeting will be held on September 3 at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Berlin. More information to come in August.


Consultation: Common fisheries policy – evaluation

Dates: 06 September 2024

The Commission would like to hear your views for the Common fisheries policy – evaluation. This evaluation will provide an overview on how the Common Fisheries Policy Regulation, its instruments and measures have been performing over the last decade (2014-2024). It will assess whether the general objective of ensuring that fisheries and aquaculture are environmentally sustainable and managed in a way that is consistent with the objectives of achieving economic, social and employment benefits have been met.   Feedback period: 20 June 2024 - 06 September 2024 (midnight Brussels time)


Offshore wind and migratory fish-seminar

Dates: 08 - 09 October 2024

The Finnish-Swedish transboundary river commission invites to an international seminar in Kemi, Finland with the theme: Offshore wind power and migratory fish. This is a follow up to a seminar arranged in March 2023 with the same theme.

The purpose is to create a forum of experts, authorities, stakeholders, project developers as well as other interested parties for an exchange of information about the state of knowledge regarding the impacts of offshore wind power on migratory fish. Some relevant questions are:

  • What knowledge and experiences are there at the moment?
  • What knowledge is missing?
  • How can combined and cumulative impacts be assessed?
  • How is relevant transboundary co-operation being done?
More information about the arrangements and more detailed program will come later.


Agriculture and Fisheries Council (October Council)

Location: Luxembourg

Dates: 21 - 22 October 2024

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council will be held in Luxembourg on 21-22 October 2024.