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January 25, 2023

New report examines long-term effects of no-take zones in Swedish waters

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly established worldwide to protect and restore degraded ecosystems. However, the level of protection varies among MPAs and has been found to affect the outcome of the closure. In no-take zones (NTZs), no fishing or extraction of marine organisms is allowed. The EU Commission recently committed to protect 30% of … Continued

January 25, 2023

PECH hearing on the perfomance of the Baltic MAP

With the 2002 reform of the common fishery policy (CFP), multiannual management plans started to replace the year-to-year management of fish stocks in European Community waters. Social and economic factors play an important role in determining the success or the failure of these plans. A successful multiannual management plan is one that not only ensures … Continued

January 11, 2023

The Øresund Aquarium: “Ridiculous amount of juvenile cod this year”

Studies conducted by The Øresund Aquarium show that there is a record number of juvenile cod in Øresund, meanwhile the cod populations in Danish waters in general is close to collapse. Due to the massive decline in the Baltic Sea cod stocks, a total stop of targeted cod fishing was introduced in 2022 during its … Continued

December 23, 2022

Nordic flatfish project show limited potential in increased sector cooperation

In early December the Nordic Council of Ministers published the final work from The Flatfish Project, a project with the objective to study the Nordic flatfish value chains and the significance of Nordic supplies within the North-European flatfish value chains. The project was as well intended to facilitate networking and cooperation between stakeholders in the … Continued

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