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April 17, 2018

EU begins evaluation of eel management

On 13 April, the European Commission released a Roadmap for the upcoming evaluation of the Eel Regulation. The evaluation is set to help the Commission decide whether to review the regulation or focus on improving implementation. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on issues related to the implementation of the Eel Regulation until 11 May … Continued

March 6, 2018

Environment ministers struggle to deliver on promise of a healthy Baltic Sea

Today, 6 March, the HELCOM ministerial meeting will gather Environment Ministers from the Baltic region in Brussels. The first of its kind for five years sees implementation of marine environment laws as its focus. But ten years after the original Baltic Sea Action Plan was signed all countries fall short on the promise of a healthy Baltic Sea, as described in a new report from World Wildlife Fund, WWF.

March 6, 2018

NGO coalition call on Danish fisheries minister to act after reports on illegal, unreported discarding of fish

In an open letter to the Danish fisheries minister Karen Ellemann, dated 21 February, seven NGOs call on Denmark to take action to stop the widespread illegal and unreported discarding in the Baltic cod fishery and suggest solutions for a successful Landing Obligation, which is an obligation under the EU common fisheries policy (CFP).

December 21, 2017

Red flags for EU fishing quotas

Ahead of the December Council meeting at which quotas for the Northeast Atlantic and North Sea are set, The Fisheries Secretariat along with Seas At Risk, The Pew Charitable Trusts, ClientEarth and Oceana provided a briefing to Ministers with recommendations for 16 stocks identified as being in environmentally poor condition and having been mismanaged. Ministers … Continued

Upcoming events

Danish BALTFISH Presidency

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: 01 July - 30 June

MARTEC conference 2018

Location: Vigo, Spain

Dates: 02 - 04 May

The International Conference on Advances in Marine Technologies Applied to Discard Mitigation and Management (MARTEC’18) 2018. Programme

ICES – Baltic Advice Drafting Group

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: 08 - 11 May

At this meeting ICES scientists will draft their advice as part of the process for managing Baltic fish stocks and setting quotas for 2019.

BALTFISH Forum and High Level Group

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: 27 June

It is expected that topics discussed will include the salmon management plan and TACs for 2019 as all stocks reach their maximum sustainable yield deadline. It will be the final meeting under the Danish Presidency with Sweden taking over in July.