Further actions are urgently needed to secure European eel recovery. FishSec works with partner organisations in countries across the eels geographical range to make this happen.

Our European eel projects:

  • In March 2020, FishSec relaunched its earlier efforts through the creation of the European Eel Alliance – a platform for like-minded stakeholders aiming to aid the long-term recovery of European eel.
  • Our project BALTEEL-RECO (Baltic Sea eel recovery from an ecosystem perspective) started in 2021 and aims to promote better national management and greater Baltic coordination of efforts to protect and rebuild the eel population.
  • BALTEEL-RECO II: phase II of our BALTEEL-RECO project recently received funding from the Swedish Institute and will begin in August, 2023 with 6 partner organisations.
  • Earlier work:  FishSec also ran a coordinated effort on European eel during 2005–2008 to support the establishment of an EU-wide management framework. The work included the creation of an NGO network to take action, national and EU conferences and supporting Swedish efforts to get a CITES-listing.

Last updated: October 13, 2023

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