Eel Library

EU eel management framework

2003 Communication on Development of a Community Action Plan for European eel COM(2003)573

2007 Eel Regulation EC 1100 2007

2008 Commission Decision on Black Sea not being natural eel habitat 2008 292

2009 Commission Decision on EMP exemptions 2009 310

2012 Proposal to amend the eel regulation COM(2012)413 final

2013 CFP Regulation EU 1380 2013

2013 EP Report on proposal to amend Eel Regulation A7-0242 2013 Lovin

2014 Commission report on implementation of the eel MAPs COM(2014)640

2014 Annexes to Commission report on implementation of eel MAPs COM 2014 640

2018 EC Eel Regulation Evaluation Roadmap

2019 Commission Delegated Decision on multiannual programme for data collection EU 2019 910

2019 European Parliament Report on EU eel management IPOL STU(2019)629189

2019 External Evaluation of the EU eel regulation EC 1100 2007

2020 EC Executive Summary of eel evaluation SWD(2020)36

2020 EC internal Eel Evaluation SWD(2020)36

2020 EU Report on the implementation of the framework for Data Collection

2020 Summary Report from public consultation on evaluation of the Eel Regulation

Data Collection framework on fisheries Regulation EU 2017 1004

EU Water Framework Directive 2000 60 EC I  

Recommendation GFCM/42/2018/1 on a multiannual management plan for European eel in the Mediterranean Sea

Recommendation GFCM/45/2022/1 on a multiannual management plan for European eel in the Mediterranean Sea, amending Recommendation GFCM/42/2018/1

CITES and trade in European eel

CITES Appendices I, II and III, valid from 21 May 2023

Implementation of the CITES Appendix II listing of European Eel Anguilla anguilla, Report 2018

Economic impact of eel trade ban – general trends, Study in support to the STECF 2014 

Summary of conclusions from the 54th meeting of the SRG group on trade in world fauna and flora

Chapter on European Glass eels from UNODC’s World Wildlife Crime Report 2020 

Recent International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) reports on eel

ICES Eel Advice

221103 ICES Advice on fishing opportunities for eel 2023

211104 ICES Advice on fishing opportunities for eel 2022

201030 ICES Advice on fishing opportunities for eel 2021

ICES reports on eel


ICES Special Request Advice on eel migration 2020

ICES WKFEA report 2021

ICES WGEEL report 2021

ICES WGEEL report 2020

ICES WKEMP report 2018

ICES WKEMP report 2013

Other relevant ICES documents

220530 ICES EU request for technical evaluation of the Eel Management Plan progress reports

Guide to ICES Advice generally 2021

ICES Acronyms and terminology

FishSec reports & webinars on European eel

FishSec eel closures report 2021

Webinar: Restocking of European Eel 26 April 2022 

Webinar: Save our Eel Webinar – Good Fish Foundation and FishSec 2021

Last updated: September 8, 2023