November 13, 2020

EU seas long way from Good Environmental Status

On Wednesday, the Commission discussed its report on the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive with its expert group on Strategic Coordination. The report showed that while the EU’s framework for marine environmental protection is one of the most ambitious in the world, persistent challenges remain, such as excess nutrients, underwater noise, plastic litter … Continued

November 12, 2020

Proposal for Mediterranean eel measures revised

In its proposal for fishing opportunities for 2021 in the Mediterranean and Black seas, the Commission had included preliminary catch limits for European eel, as well as provision for the three-month fishing closure. This proposal has now been revised.

October 30, 2020

ICES advice: all eel mortality should be kept close to zero

ICES has published its advice on European eel for 2021. It is essentially the same as it has been since 2003: keep all anthropogenic impacts as close to zero as possible. Despite this advice, most EU countries still allow eel fishing to take place. ICES advice for European eel (Anguilla anguilla) is based on the … Continued

October 28, 2020

Uncertainties of Brexit in this year’s TAC proposal

In the proposal for fishing opportunities for 2021, the Commission is showing some commitment to end overfishing but much uncertainty remains over stocks shared with the United Kingdom. A roll-over is likely on provisions for a 3-month ban of eel fishing. Yesterday, the Commission published its proposal for 2021 catch limits for fish stocks in … Continued

October 22, 2020

EU set TAC quotas for the Baltic Sea region

The usual tough debate regarding the Baltic Sea fishing quotas is now over, resulting in an overall acceptance of the ICES advice but still with some major concerns regarding the eastern Baltic cod and the western herring. The TACs for 8 out of 10 stocks are following the ICES advice. However, ecosystem-based management and the … Continued

October 6, 2020

Legendary Swedish fisheries influencer passed away

Reine J. Johansson, recent spokesperson for the Swedish Pelagic Federation, has sadly died. Reine was possibly the greatest Swedish influencer of both international and national fisheries policy in all times. Before becoming a representative of the Swedish fisheries sector, Reine Johansson was an active member of the Swedish Social Democratic Party as a young man … Continued

October 2, 2020

Commission withdraws proposals for European eel and Baltic Salmon

Only two days ago, the Commission withdrew two important proposals that could have led to better protection and more sustainable fisheries for two species in trouble: Baltic salmon and European eel. Both proposals had been through first readings in the European Parliament and had support from many environmental organisations. Proposal to safeguard Baltic salmon populations … Continued

September 28, 2020

WWF is calling for partial ban on bottom trawling in the Baltic

In connection with today’s EU-conference Our Baltic, WWF is calling on the Baltic Ministers to reconsider bottom trawling, which is one of the most damaging fishing methods, claiming it is preventing recovery of the ailing ecosystem the attainment of conservation objectives. In the report launched today, A sea under pressure: Bottom trawling impacts in the … Continued

September 28, 2020

Our Baltic Declaration signed – nature has spoken, now it’s time to act!

A declaration to improve the environment in the Baltic Sea was signed today by minsters of all EU Baltic Sea countries at the Our Baltic conference, hosted by the European Commission. Topics conversed during this one-day event stretched over several important issue areas such as marine litter, microplastics, ghost nets, impacts of bottom trawling, sustainable … Continued

September 25, 2020

Eel regulation not yet in line with Lisbon Treaty

The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2007 should have resulted in a revision of the Eel Regulation, incorporating changes in decision-making procedures and Commission powers. However, a Commission proposal to do so was never agreed upon and is now being withdrawn, leaving European eel without much needed ‘new’ Commission tools and proper scrutiny … Continued