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The Fisheries Secretariat is a non-profit organisation dedicated to work towards more sustainable fisheries at an international level, with a focus on the European Union.

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What's On

  • Mar
    ICES cod benchmarking
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mar
    DG MARE conference: Sailing towards 2020
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Mar
    STECF Technical meeting on replacing technical measures
    Dublin, Ireland
  • Mar
    Conference: Ecosystem dynamics in the Baltic Sea in a climate change perspective
    Umeå, Sweden
  • Mar
    Fisheries Council meeting
  • Mar
    Blue growth in the Baltic: Kick-off conference maritime stakeholder forum in the Baltic Sea Region
    Kiel, Germany
  • Mar
    Fisheries Committee Meeting
  • Apr
    Fisheries Committee Meeting

Latest News

Policy Briefings

Since October 2009, a comprehensive background briefing has been sent out prior to most EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meetings with fisheries issues on the agenda.

Reaching more than 400 recipients, the briefings are primarily aimed at the Fisheries ministers and their advisors, but also reach out to fisheries attachés, European Parliamentarians, a wide range of government officials, as well as other NGO representatives, the media and various stakeholders.

In addition to an introductory cover letter, every briefing contains one or several annexes with detailed background information and our preferred standpoints on the pertinent issues.