Red Noise Baltship

Red Noise Baltship aims to enhance visibility and connect the region to reduce underwater noise from commercial and recreational shipping activities in the Baltic Sea.

Continuous underwater noise from various anthropogenic activities, such as commercial and recreational shipping, is a critical pollutant and a current threat to marine biodiversity and conservation.

Initiating and maintaining a consolidated network will serve as the basis for long-term cooperation between different stakeholders. It will facilitate exchange of updated research and policy and enable guiding discussions to find strategies to support implementation of solutions. The increased awareness and knowledge will help create a common understanding of the current and future challenges of the region among stakeholders to find future ways to develop recommendations for future policy changes and commitment to regional, EU and international targets.


FishSec participates as a partner in the project, which is led by Coalition Clean Baltic – CCB. Other collaborators are Friends of the Earth Germany – BUND, the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE) and the Foundation for Development of the University of Gdańsk (FRUG).

Events related to the project:

Offshore wind and migratory fish-seminar 8-9 October 2024 (Link)


The Red Noise Baltship project is funded by the Swedish Institute.


Last updated: July 11, 2024