June 22, 2006

European Fisheries Fund – adopted 19 June

On Monday 19 June, EU Fisheries Ministers finally agreed on the new European Fisheries Fund (EFF) at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council. EUR 3.8 billion will be set aside to provide support for the fisheries sector. The EEF, due to cover 2007-2013, will replace the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG) which will close at … Continued

June 12, 2006

ICES’ advice for Baltic Cod 2007

On the 9th June 2006 the ICES’ Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (ACFM) published their advice to the European Commission on the two Baltic Sea cod stocks for 2007. The following provides a summary and comment on their assessments and advice. Baltic Sea cod in subdivisions 22-24 (Western Baltic) The quantity of mature cod (also … Continued

June 9, 2006

EU Maritime Green Paper focus on economic growth

On June 7th the Commission published a Green Paper named “Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union: A European vision for the oceans and seas”. The aim is to boost economic growth in maritime sectors in accordance with the Lisbon Strategy while protecting the marine environment. Environmental groups are skeptical, saying the focus is … Continued

June 7, 2006

European Fisheries Fund – EU Council meeting 22 May

The highly debated European Fisheries Fund (EFF) was on the agenda again at the 22 May European Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting. However, the 25 Member States were unable to agree on how to spend the €3.8 Billion. The major sticking point was whether or not to make EFF eligible for vessel modernisation. The issue … Continued

May 29, 2006

New EU – Morocco fisheries agreement in breach of international law

The European fisheries ministers concluded a fisheries partnership agreement at the Council meeting May 22nd. The agreement provides for the EU to pay Morocco €144.4 million under four years in return for giving 119 European vessels (100 Spanish, 14 Portuguese, 4 French and 1 Italian) opportunities to fish in Morocco’s Atlantic coastal waters, including the … Continued

January 11, 2006

European Parliament votes in favour of greater protection for Europe’s seas

Joint comment by Greenpeace , BirdLife International, the European Environment Bureau, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Fisheries Secretariat, Seas At Risk and WWF on the European Parliament Plenary Vote on the Marine Strategy Directive: The European Parliament today called for a determined Europe-wide effort to combat the impacts of destructive and unsustainable fishing, … Continued

November 25, 2005

Baltic Sea to become pilot area for EU marine efforts

Environmental Ministers take first steps to make the Baltic Sea a pilot area for implementation of the EU Marine strategy. On 23 November, Environmental Ministers from all affected states met to discuss ways to deal with the environmental crisis in the Baltic Sea. “We have had a successful meeting where the Ministers around the Baltic … Continued

November 24, 2005

Forum on the New European Maritime Policy: a wake-up call to stakeholders?

Conference in Brussels to discuss the developing European Maritime Policy leaves little doubt that maritime stakeholders are not always treated equally. The Mare Forum, the Dutch Maritime Network, and the European Network of Maritime Clusters, with support from the European Commission held a conference in Brussels on 17 November entitled ‘The New European Maritime Policy … Continued

November 21, 2005

Baltic Environment Ministers meet to discuss future actions

Later this week Baltic Environmental Ministers will meet to discuss the future of our shared sea. Lena Sommestad has consulted Swedish NGOs on priority areas for action. The Swedish Minister for the Environment, Lena Sommestad, has taken the initiative to gather her fellow Environmental Ministers from around the Baltic Sea for an informal meeting. The … Continued

November 21, 2005

Baltic Sea RAC prepares its formal establishment

In late October, the interim Executive Committee of the Baltic Sea RAC met to discuss issues related to its formal establishment. On 26 October, organisations that had flagged an interest for participating in the work of the interim Executive Committee of the Baltic Sea RAC met in Copenhagen to discuss a number of issues that … Continued