September 13, 2007

Polish NGOs strengthen work on Baltic fisheries and marine environment

On the 28-29 of August FISH arranged a workshop together with the Polish NGOs Eko Unia and Klub Gaja. The workshop gathered NGO:s from all over Poland, as well as from Sweden and Finland. The purpose of the meeting was to gather Polish, Swedish and Finnish NGOs to: exchange experiences of working with raising public … Continued

August 15, 2007


FISH is organising a workshop together with the Polish NGOs Klub GAJA and Eko Unia. The workshop will take part during 28-29 August at the marine research station in Hel peninsula, Poland. The purpose of the meeting is to exchange experiences with raising public awareness, policy and lobbying on Baltic Sea issues, and fisheries in … Continued

August 15, 2007

New fisheries minister in Poland

Earlier this week Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski fired ministers from the ruling Law & Justice’s (PiS) coalition partners, Samoobrona and the League of Polish Families (LPR), among them the Fisheries Minister Rafal Wiechecki. The new Fisheries Minister Marek Gróbarczyk holds the official title Minister of Marine Economy. Marek Gróbarczyk does not have any party … Continued

July 30, 2007

Poland opposes EU Commission order to halt trawling for cod

The Polish Fisheries Minister Rafal Wiechecki recommends the Polish government to take the European Commission to the European court of justice, after it ordered Poland to halt trawling for cod in the eastern Baltic Sea. On Monday 6 August the EU Commission ordered Poland to stop trawling for cod in the eastern Baltic Sea, after … Continued

July 26, 2007

European Commission wants to see higher fines for violation of EU fishing laws

Yesterday The European Commission announced that fishermen should face higher fines for infringements of fisheries rules under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). At present the violators are being punished to lightly in most EU member states, the Commission said. According to a report presented by the EU executive on Wednesday, infringements such as illegal fishing, … Continued

July 24, 2007

European Commission adopts hazardous subsidy regime

Joint comment by BirdLife International, the Fisheries Secretariat, Seas At Risk, the North Sea Foundation, Oceana and WWF on the adoption of the regulation on “de minimis” aid for the fishing sector by the European Commission. With today’s adoption of a regulation on “de minimis” aid, the European Commission has opened the door to fuel … Continued

July 10, 2007

Poland misreports catch figures for cod in the eastern Baltic Sea

On Monday the European Commission ordered Polish fishermen to stop trawling for cod in the eastern Baltic Sea. According to the commission, Poland has misreported its catch and exceeded its quota for 2007. Large differences between catch figures from Polish authorities and figures supplied by EU inspectors showed that Poland had now exhausted its entire … Continued

July 9, 2007

Environmental NGOs oppose proposed de minimis regulation

By the end of July the European Commission intends to adopt a regulation on de minimis aid in the fisheries sector. While allegedly intended to cut down on unnecessary bureaucracy, the proposed regulation would allow EU fishing enterprises to receive significant and potentially harmful subsidies. Under the new regulation, a fishing enterprise could receive up … Continued

June 14, 2007

Stricter control of eel trade ahead

Last week, the European Council agreed on joint management measures for European eel; now the world is also offering further protection through stricter regulation of international trade. Last Friday, the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) gave European eel further protection … Continued

June 12, 2007

EU decision on Baltic cod puts focus on illegal fishing

This morning, EU Fisheries Ministers agreed on a long-term management plan for Baltic Sea cod. This is a welcome development, but the state of the cod stocks calls for stronger measures. A European Commission proposal for a multi-annual plan for the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea and the fisheries exploiting those stocks (COM(2006)411) was … Continued