Race for the Baltic

The Race for the Baltic campaign gathered support over the summer of 2013 and culminated with the handover of a Call for Action to Environment Ministers in Copenhagen on 3 October in connection with the 2013 HELCOM Ministerial meeting.

The call for action was to:

1. REVIVE the biological diversity of the Baltic Sea.
2. RECOVER the natural wealth of the fish stocks in the Baltic Sea to ensure long-term sustainability.
3. RESTORE the water quality through a reduction of nutrients and pollutants flowing into the Baltic Sea.


During the campaign we cycled 3 500 km through all nine countries around the Baltic Sea, collecting signatures from the public and other stakeholders. The campaign was a collaboration between the Fisheries Secretariat, Coalition Clean Baltic, Oceana and Zennström Philanthropies.

Race for the Baltic brought together stakeholders that care for the Baltic Sea and created a coalition made up of NGO’s, businesses, concerned citizens and policy makers who were determined to see the environmental health of the Baltic Sea restored.


Last updated: July 10, 2020