Focus Poland

In 2007, we decided to focus its work on the Baltic Sea region and the critical situation of its two cod stocks. Poland was selected as a key country for this new focus. Since then, we have been collaborating with a number of Polish nongovernmental organisations, in order to raise public awareness and improve public opinion of professional fishing and its impacts on the Baltic Sea environment.

Partnering organisations were:

  • Eko Unia
  • Klub Gaja
  • Our Earth Foundation
  • Green Federation GAJA
  • Friends Society of the Ina and Gowienica Rivers
  • Polish Ecological Club
  • Client Earth
  • Green Institute
  • WWF Poland
  • Greenpeace Poland

This work intensified in 2012 through a series of strategic workshops held by FishSec, aimed at increasing the political influence of Polish NGOs through method-based learning. The training series consisted of five interactive workshops covering topics that –remain relevant for Polish NGOs working towards sustainable fisheries. The workshop series was offered as a form of long-term training and capacity building for staff.

We have also funded a number of projects and positions within Polish NGOs, including Klub GAJAs Adopt a river and Fish have a voice projects, Eko-Unia The Baltic is in Poland and Green federation Gaja Fishery exhibition. Today, we see that some NGO trainees funded and trained by FishSec are some of the most active in fisheries policy in Poland.

Last updated: July 10, 2020