EU fishermen call consumers to boycott seafood products from Norway

Published on June 29, 2021

The UK departure from the EU has altered the fisheries governance and political scenario in the Northeast Atlantic. In a move to take advantage of the new situation, Norway seems to have abandoned the path of dialogue and good cooperation, unilaterally deciding to unlawfully grab EU fish quota, writes Europêche in a press release.

This action not only poses a serious threat over the future of a constructive partnership with the EU but also over the sustainability of important fish stocks such as mackerel and cod. Since 60% of the fish caught by the Norwegians ends up in the European market, EU fishermen urge citizens to stop consuming Norwegian seafood.

“It would be completely scandalous and outrageous to continue granting preferential market access to seafood products originating from a country that has illegally appropriated EU-quota and, on top of that, put at risk the sustainability of an entire fish species”, said Daniel Voces, managing director of Europêche.