WWF is calling for partial ban on bottom trawling in the Baltic

Published on September 28, 2020

In connection with today’s EU-conference Our Baltic, WWF is calling on the Baltic Ministers to reconsider bottom trawling, which is one of the most damaging fishing methods, claiming it is preventing recovery of the ailing ecosystem the attainment of conservation objectives.

In the report launched today, A sea under pressure: Bottom trawling impacts in the Baltic, the numerous impacts of bottom trawling are examined. It also highlights the lack of coherence in the legislative framework and coordinated implementation, which is ultimately preventing the attainment of environmental objectives, such as the protection and preservation of seabed habitats.

WWF’s Baltic Programme is now calling on the Ministers of the Baltic countries to intensify their efforts to achieve both sustainable fisheries and Good Environmental Status in the Baltic Sea. The report provides a list of recommended actions, among them a ban of bottom trawling in all national Marine Protected Areas and restrictions for bottom trawling in the coastal zone out to 12 nautical miles.

The full report can be found here: