News to blow whistle on unethical or illegal fishing practices

Published on July 10, 2019

A new website launched today,, aims to provide a confidential, anonymous and secure way for people working in the fishing industry, public authorities or other areas to report what they believe are improper, unethical or illegal fishing practices.

On the Fishyleaks website, detailed information is available on how potential whistleblowers can protect their security and identity – such as the use of secure web browsers, along with measures the creators at Our Fish have taken to ensure the anonymity of those seeking to send reports, and whistleblower resources in selected EU countries.

“We created Fishyleaks to help those who want to share information with us, in a confidential, anonymous and secure manner,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Programme Director of the Our Fish campaign in a press release.

“Europe’s fisheries are a common resource, for the benefit of all citizens, that should be managed sustainably and legally to ensure the future of coastal communities, food security and ocean health in the face of the climate crisis. Fishyleaks aims to provide a platform for people who witness activity that undermines these important aspirations, so that they can share that information, while minimising risk to themselves”, said Hubbard.