The king of the Polish rivers inspires children and youth to care for clean rivers

Published on July 23, 2012

Klub Gaja took over the streets of Katowice, Warsaw and Hel together with a school of salmon and children who came to learn about why the salmon needs clean waters to live in.

As a part of the “Adopt a River” programme, Klub Gaja – one of Poland’s oldest NGOs – organised a series of educational workshops and happenings for children in three cities around Poland; Katowice, Warsaw and Hel. Around 600 children and youths attended the workshops where they learnt about the life of the salmon -the king of the Polish rivers and the Baltic Sea – that needs clean water to live in.

The children were encouraged to seek answers to questions related to the protection of clean rivers and the Baltic Sea. The grand finale of the “Adopt a river” tour took place in the city of Hel on the 8th of July, where young and old, as part of the Big Jump, leapt hand in hand in the water to express their concerns about keeping rivers and lakes clean. The “Adopt a River” workshop is a fantastic example of Klub Gaja´s innovative way of achieving public environmental awareness.

About “Adopt a River”
“Adopt a River”
is one of Klub Gaja’s main work programmes. It started in 2005 and is a country-wide programme aimed at raising awareness of river environments. It consists of a mix of broader, long-term efforts such as a school programme, which involves educating children in over 4,000 schools about ecology and environmental issues, and more immediate, targeted activities such as river clean ups, often engaging local politicians, businessmen and decision-makers.

Big Jump reconcile people with their rivers
Big Jump aims at reconcile people with their rivers, to reclaim their environment and demonstrate their wish to have clean and living rivers again. The Big Jump project aims to capture the essence of current EU water protection legislation into one single public act: at one date, at one time, people will jump hand in hand into rivers all over Europe.