Regionalisation and discards on the agenda at the 11th Polish Fisheries Roundtable meeting

Published on July 13, 2012

The CFP reform, with a focus on regonalisation and discards were the priorities during the 11th Polish Fisheries Roundtable meeting.

The Roundtable meeting, held on 2nd of July, was devoted to the Common Fishery Policy reform (CFP). Utilisation of the Polish TACs for 2012 in the context of the present fishing capacity was also discussed. Among others the Fisheries Minister Kazimierz Plocke attended the meeting.

The meeting was well attended, with over 50 participants, with representatives from the fishing sector, NGOs, scientists and the Fisheries Department. Another two Polish Fisheries Roundtable meetings to discuss the CFP reform are planned for 2012, to which the Polish Minister has been invited.

The Polish Fisheries Roundtable was established by WWF Poland in 2009. It is a forum which encourages exchange of information and discussion between all stakeholders engaged in the management of Polish Fisheries i.e. representatives from the fishing sector, non-governmental organisations, scientists and fisheries administration. The number of participants of the roundtable meetings is increasing every year.