European Fish Weeks launched

Published on June 19, 2012

On 8 June, to coincide with World Oceans Day, the coalition OCEAN2012 launched their annual European Fish Weeks campaign. This year’s theme is a call to “End Overfishing”.

Events will be taking place across the EU throughout the summer, and a calendar of events can be found at the link below. In Sweden, an exhibition will be held outside the National Museum in Stockholm from 28 June.

One of the features of this year’s activities will be for citizens worried about the effects of overfishing to form a human fish shape. These images will be collected from across Europe to serve as a reminder to politicians involved in the CFP reform that increasing fish stocks is a priority for the reform.

The coalition argue that overfishing would be ended if fish stocks were managed at their maximum sustainable yield, in terms of biomass (BMSY), by 2015 where this is possible. However, for stocks where this  is not possible, quotas should be set at a level of mortality which enables the stocks to grow toward their BMSY level.