Be a fisherman’s friend

Published on May 29, 2012

Today, Greenpeace UK and sustainable British fishermen have launched a campaign to push for a real reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy which will support local fishing.

Together they claim that the current laws have totally failed both fish and the local fishermen. In the UK, only 4 per cent of the national quota is fished by small-scale vessels, which comprise 77 per cent of the fleet.

At a time when 70 per cent of European fish stocks are overfished, fishermen who look after their patch and fish sustainably face an uncertain future. However, given that these fishers tend to operate in a more sustainable manner while also generating local jobs and revenue, perhaps they should be given the opportunity to fish a great share of the national catch.

The campaign branded ”Be a fisherman’s friend” aims to get a better deal for sustainable coastal fishermen both at the EU and UK levels. The launch includes films with statement from local fishing communities and a petition, as well as an opportunity to donate funds for change.