NGOs respond to Rodust report

Published on May 28, 2012

Ulrika Rodust (S+D, Germany) recently published her draft report on the Basic Regulation for the Fisheries Committee (PECH). The report is the most significant text from the European Parliament on the CFP reform and aims to provide a framework ahead of the November plenary. In response to this, a joint NGO reaction has been developed.

Rebuilding fish stocks is one of the key issues in the CFP reform. The status quo of overfishing has been criticised by a consensus of stakeholders and the Commission has proposed that fish stocks achieve the maximum sustainable yield by 2015. Rodust echoes this amibition and has been supported by the coalition of NGOs.

Multiannual plans (MAPs), selectivity and the proposed discard ban, access to fisheries, overcapacity, the external dimension and aquaculture are also focused on in the NGO response to the Rodust report.