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  • Fisheries priorities under Luxembuorg Presidency

    Published: 01/07/2015
    Few political decisions beside the usual TAC and quota haggling are foreseen in the work programme of the Luxemburg EU Presidency for the second half of 2015. Read more »
  • Research news: Baltic Sea focus

    Published: 30/06/2015
    New research shows that, despite an agreement two decades ago, the ecosystem approach has not yet been applied in practice in the Baltic Sea. Environmental problems are still essentially handled in isolation, despite how these affect each other and the risk that climate change could make it more difficult to reverse negative trends has not been considered. Read more »
  • State of Europe’s seas neither healthy nor clean

    Published: 26/06/2015
    Our seas are neither healthy not clean, but can be considered productive according to the first State of Europe’s Sea report published earlier this week. This productive may however be compromised in the future if the decoration of Europe’s marine ecosystem continues. The report shows that our current way of managing our marine resources is far from sustainable. Read more »
  • Council Blocks Baltic Multiannual Plan, Baltic Trilogue Suspended

    Published: 25/06/2015
    Yesterday, after continued Council stonewalling of the Baltic Multiannual Plan, the delegation from Parliament, led by Rapporteur Mr. Jarosław Wałęsa, stood up and walked out of trilogue negotiations with Council and the Commission. Council has thus far failed to accept the objectives of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, in particular those which prevent overfishing. Read more »
  • Research news

    Published: 16/06/2015
    A selection of research news: i) Eastern Baltic cod in distress: biological changes and challenges for stock assessment, ii) Can marine spatial planning benefit spawning for Baltic herring?, iii) Are we letting managers off the hook? and iv) Five factors for successful management of natural capital Read more »
  • European Commission publishes its plan for fishing opportunities in 2016

    Published: 10/06/2015
    The European Commission has published its annual communication on fishing opportunities, announcing their initial plans for next year´s fishing quotas in the EU. The communications shows that there is still a long way to go to reach the objectives of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy and the commitment to end overfishing by 2015 where possible. Read more »
  • New public consultations open

    Published: 08/06/2015
    The European Commission has opened two public consultations; Fishing opportunities for 2016 under the Common Fisheries Policy and International Ocean governance. The consultations are open to all citizens and organisations. Read more »
  • ICES releases 2016 Advice for Baltic Sea fish stocks

    Published: 29/05/2015
    The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) released its scientific advice for Baltic Sea stocks earlier today. Eastern Baltic Cod is listed as data-limited again this year and ICES advises significant cuts in fishing opportunities for both Eastern and Western Baltic cod stocks. Read more »
  • Are our marine ecosystems shaped by a handfull of corporations?

    Published: 28/05/2015
    A new study by a team of scientist from the Stockholm Resilience Centre reveal that up to 40% of the world’s largest and most valuable fish stocks are controlled by a handful of companies. Read more »
  • Towards coherent policies and governance of the Baltic Sea Ecosystems

    Published: 18/05/2015
    A new research project called Go4Baltic was launched early April this year with the aim to “provide advice for optimal choices of aquatic, agricultural and climate policy mixes, policy designs and implementation”. Read more »
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