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  • Parliament needs to uphold strong position on fisheries reform

    Published: 17/04/2015
    FISH has together with other NGOs pointed out key priorities for the Plenary vote on the Baltic MAP and urge Parliament to support and further strengthen the Report from the Fisheries Committee, which voted on the file on the 31st of March 2015. Read more »
  • New practical manual on how to reduce discards

    Published: 17/04/2015
    A user-friendly guide has been developed by the Environmental Defense Fund as a tool to help reduce discards and meet the EU landing obligation. The guide aims to help EU fishermen, fishery managers and Member State regulators find ways to successfully implement the CFP landing obligation requirements. Read more »
  • Moving towards a stronger Baltic Multiannual Plan

    Published: 08/04/2015
    Last week saw the first major vote on the Baltic Multiannual Plan (MAP) in the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee. The European Commission’s proposal, released last October, failed to adhere to the objectives of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Last week’s vote saw a positive reversal of some, but not all, of the shortcomings in the proposed Baltic MAP. Read more »
  • Researchers look at the financial side Baltic Sea ecosystem changes

    Published: 26/03/2015
    Changes in Baltic Sea ecosystems will cause financial losses up to 120 million euros per year new study shows. Showing that the regeneration of an ecosystem to an economic target is not straightforward, as there are multiple interacting drivers involved that need to be considered and understood. Read more »
  • NGO priorities for the Baltic multiannual plan

    Published: 24/03/2015
    FISH together with a number of NGOs urge Member States to adhere to the binding objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), to be mindful of the Fisheries Committee vote of 31st March, and to carefully address the objectives of multiannual plans, sustainable fishing mortality rates, conservation reference points, and the ecosystem-based approach. Read more »
  • New study aims to understand the life of the cod

    Published: 17/03/2015
    Scientists study how environmental factors and food availability affect the cod and its body growth in different life stages. Read more »
  • Cod Benchmark 2015

    Published: 12/03/2015
    From March 2-6, the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), met in Rostock, Germany to evaluate data and models for the Baltic cod stocks. The results of this meeting will contribute to the final ICES advice for Baltic Cod, due on May 29. Read more »
  • New study takes a closer look at Baltic Sea fishing fleets

    Published: 08/03/2015
    A new study shows that regulations have the strongest impact on fishing strategies. While this has contributed to the recovery of the Baltic Sea cod stock, there are long-term risks with a "command-and-control"-type of management leaving fishers more specialised and inflexible. Read more »
  • Can chickens manure help clean wastewater from pharmaceutical residues?

    Published: 02/03/2015
    Researchers from the University of Kristianstad are testing the idea of using chicken manure as a filter to clean wastewater from pharmaceutical residues at municipal sewage treatment plants in two municipalities in south Sweden. Read more »
  • Technical Measures at BSAC

    Published: 26/02/2015
    On February 19 the Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC) met in Copenhagen to discussion the development of a new Technical Measures Framework. This included specifically catch metrics, selectivity profiles, and closed areas. BSAC also included an afternoon discussion about the existing technical measures. Read more »
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