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  • First meeting of HELCOM group on Ecosystem-based Sustainable Fisheries

    Published: 23/10/2014
    Fisheries and environmental experts and authorities from the Baltic region gathered for the first fisheries meeting after the modernisation of HELCOM. The work plan for the group was agreed upon and the group elected Marcin Rucinski as chair of the group. Main focus of the meeting was on the draft of the new HELCOM Recommendation on aquaculture. Read more »
  • National eel management plans too vague for proper evaluation

    Published: 22/10/2014
    European Commission released its assessment of Member States plans and measures to protect the European eel. The assessments concludes that the quality of reports from EU member states is too vague for any proper evaluation to be made, pointing to that additional measures may need to be considered Read more »
  • Baltic discard ban plan published

    Published: 20/10/2014
    European Commission have launched their proposals on discard ban plans for several fisheries in European waters, including the Baltic Sea. The content of the plan is essentially in line with what earlier been proposed by the Baltic Member States through BALTFISH, and corresponds to what the Commission previously has indicated to be included in the ban. Most regrettably the Commission has chosen not include seal damaged fish as part of fish discarded in the Baltic fisheries, and thereby potentially opening up a considerable loophole in the management. Read more »
  • Snapshots from the ecosystem-based legal framework for the Baltic Sea conference

    Published: 17/10/2014
    The Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre (SELPC) and Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management (BEAM) hosted a transdisciplinary conference looking at how countries around the Baltic Sea can move towards an ecosystem-based approach for managing fisheries and eutrophication and how this is to be implemented in the binding laws and regulations. Read more »
  • JRC launches a Marine Strategy Framework Directive Competence centre

    Published: 15/10/2014
    The Marine Strategy Framework Directive Competence Centre is set up to help EU countries achieve ‘Good Environmental Status’ of their marine waters by 2020, the main aim of the MSFD which seeks to protect the fragile balance of marine ecosystems, upon which many economic and social activities such as fishing or tourism depend. Read more »
  • The Council decision on Baltic TACs fails to meet CFP sustainability targets gravely

    Published: 14/10/2014
    Baltic Sea, as the first region to implement the rationalized requirements of the new CFP, has by many been considered as a role model for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy. Yesterday, these expectations were sadly not fulfilled when the Council decided for fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2015. Read more »
  • European Commission announces changes to the Advisory Councils

    Published: 13/10/2014
    Last week the European Commission announced several changes to the Advisory Councils. Changes necessary to move towards regionalised fisheries management giving the Advisory Councils a stronger voice and a more balanced representation within fishery policy. Read more »
  • Three months to phase-out overfishing

    Published: 10/10/2014
    As usual for this time of year, EU fisheries ministers are about to start haggling over fishing limits. Starting next week, the Fisheries Council will be deciding on the total allowable catches for most fish stocks in European waters for 2015/2016. This year’s decisions will be more important than ever before. Read more »
  • Multispecies plan for the Baltic Sea proposed by the Commission

    Published: 06/10/2014
    Today, the European Commission released their regulation for establishing a multispecies plan for the Baltic Sea. Read more »
  • Green Lövin leaves European Parliament for Swedish Government post

    Published: 03/10/2014
    When the new Swedish Government was announced earlier today, it became clear that Isabella Lövin will leave the European Parliament and her post as Vice-Chair in the Fisheries Committee to become Minister for International Development Coordination. Read more »
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