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  • Newsletter editorial November 2015

    Published: 09/11/2015
    Progress has halted on the Baltic Multiannual Plan for cod, sprat and herring since July. We have high expectations when trilogue resumes today that the Council, Parliament and Commission can make steps towards an agreement over the exploitation levels of fish stocks. Read more »
  • Scientists criticise EU for setting fishing limits above FMSY

    Published: 09/11/2015
    In an open letter, scientists Sidney J. Holt and Rainer Froese criticise the European Council, Parliament and Commission for not following their own policies, and setting Baltic fishing limits above FMSY. The authors fear a cascade effect in other multiannual plans being developed given the apparent disregard for the core principles of the CFP in the draft Baltic multiannual plan and recent decisions on Baltic fishing quotas. Read more »
  • DG MARE misses the mark with new rules for the landing obligation

    Published: 04/11/2015
    Impacting demersal fisheries in the North Sea, North Western Waters and South Western Waters, the Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries released a collection of delegated acts on 12 and 22 October to come into effect on 1 January 2016. Upon review, these regulations deviate from the intention of the landing obligation as described in the reformed Common Fisheries Policy. Instead of focusing on all catches from a stock which defines a fishery, the new regulations focus only on specific fleet segments and catch profiles rather than for all catches of targeted demersal stocks. Read more »
  • European Parliament drafts report on technical measures and multiannual plans

    Published: 03/11/2015
    The Fisheries Committee draft report “A new CFP: framework for technical measures and multiannual plans (2015/2092(INI)) discusses the current challenges concerning technical measures and the landing obligation, outlining Parliament’s position on the developing Technical Measures Framework currently being drafted by the Commission. The Fisheries Committee will vote to finalise an amended report on 10 November. Read more »
  • Council mandates overfishing of vulnerable cod stocks into 2016: CFP goals undermined

    Published: 23/10/2015
    2016 fishing quotas have been set with seven out of ten quotas exceeding scientific advice. Last night Ministers came to a unanimous decision on Baltic fishing quotas for 2016. Whilst the Total Allowable Catches (TACs) are generally a decrease compared with this year, they exceed scientific advice in most cases, and for cod quotas are worryingly high. Read more »
  • 2016 Baltic TACs to be set at October Council

    Published: 21/10/2015
    We emphasise the need to set fishing opportunities below the exploitation level that corresponds with maximum sustainable yield (FMSY) by 2015, where possible, and by 2020 at the latest in order to restore and maintain fish stocks above levels capable of producing maximum sustainable yield as required by the CFP. Read more »
  • Parliamentary hearing on multispecies management plans

    Published: 24/09/2015
    Yesterday the Fisheries Committee in Parliament heard diverse views on the implementation of multispecies management plans. Focus was largely on the proposed Baltic multiannual plan for cod, sprat and herring and ongoing issues regarding the landing obligation and technical measures along with discussion on preparations and lessons learned for the North Sea multiannual plan and other plans in development. . Read more »
  • Newsletter editorial September 2015

    Published: 04/09/2015
    Baltic TAC proposal released and trilogue on the Baltic multiannual plan resumes in September Read more »
  • BSAC and BALTFISH meetings: Technical measures, Baltic quotas & more

    Published: 04/09/2015
    The Baltic Sea Advisory Committee (BSAC) working group and BALTFISH held back-to-back meetings in Warsaw earlier this week. Technical measures were the main agenda point for the BSAC working group. While the stalled Baltic Multiannual Plan, and an update on the newly implemented discard ban were on the agenda during the BALTFISH Forum. Read more »
  • Commission releases proposal for Baltic TACs

    Published: 02/09/2015
    The Commission proposal for Baltic TACs in 2016 is balanced and largely in line with both ICES scientific advice and the reformed Common Fisheries Policy. However, we are concerned about the Commission’s proposal for both Baltic cod stocks. Read more »
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