Brief on the omnibus regulation

This letter with recommendations regarding the Commission proposal for amendments in connection with implementation of the landing obligation – the omnibus regulation (COM(2013)889) – and the draft European Parliament report (2013/0436(COD) was sent to the Members of Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament prior to the meeting taking place October 16.

The omnibus regulation has been described as the “sticking plaster” intended to align the existing legislation to the landing obligation under the new Common Fisheries Policy, thereby creating a coherent legal framework. It is a temporary solution in support of the interim regionally based “discard plans”, with provisions eventually being incorporated in the multiannual plans. It sets out to remove inconsistencies in current regulations that would be contradictory to a discard ban. However, the ambition is not just to remove contradictory legislation, but to address the gaps in regulation to ensure a minimum of control of the discard ban.

Published on October 16, 2014