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Stakeholder Involvement

Last updated: 23/04/2015

There are formal ways of which stakeholders can give advice to the policymakers in the EU. The current stakeholder fora is Advisory Councils (ACs).

The implementation of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy requires that the opinion of the stakeholders is taken into consideration, as well as the encouragement of the formulation of analyses and of joint positions. For that purpose the Commission established the Advisory Councils (ACs). Work in this fora requires consensus to be efficient, which means that advice from ACs will preferably have been agreed by both the industry and the other stakeholders.

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Advisory Councils (ACs)

The ACs prepare recommendations and suggestions on fisheries issues relevant to the area they cover and submit them to the Commission and/or to the relevant national authorities. The ACs are made up of representatives of the fisheries sector and other groups affected by the CFP, while scientists are invited to participate in the meetings of the ACs as experts. In each AC, 2/3 of the members are industry representatives.

FISH is a member of the Baltic Sea AC (BSAC). Read more.