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Earlier Advice

Last updated: 12/08/2014

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ICES advice for the Baltic 2014

Due to the gradually deteriorating condition of cod in the Baltic, the eastern stock is now classified as data-limited and severe cuts in fishing possibilities are proposed for both cod stocks.

ICES advice for the Baltic 2013

Four Baltic stocks are now fished at or over Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), whereas three are still considered overfished. Of the Baltic stocks, seven are also considered data poor, resulting in higher uncertainties in the advice.

ICES advice for the Baltic 2012

ICES advice for the Baltic 2011

The input in relation to the 2012 potential fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea highlights the need for more conservative fishing opportunities for several of the pelagic stocks in order to reach Maximum Sustainable Yield by 2015 and ensure the basis of future profitable fisheries. Furthermore, there is now a pressing need for a revision of the multiannual plan for Baltic Sea cod.

ICES advice for the Baltic 2010

A continued remarkable comeback for the once troubled Eastern cod stock, and a slight improvement for the one in the West, permitted ICES to suggest raised cod quotas for the second straight year, as its advice for Baltic TACs in 2011 was published.

ICES advice for the Baltic 2009

When ICES experts presented their advice for Baltic quotas in 2010, it was the first time in years they recommended increases for both Baltic cod stocks.

ICES advice for the Baltic 2008