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Focus Poland

Published: 17/03/2011

In 2007 the Fisheries Secretariat (FISH) decided to focus its work on the Baltic Sea region and the critical situation of its two cod stocks. Poland was selected as a key country for this new focus. Since then, the Fisheries Secretariat has been collaborating with a number of Polish NGOs in order to raise public awareness and increase public opinion in the area of professional fishing and its impact on the Baltic Sea environment.

Eko Unia

Eko Unia is an environmental NGO run by Radek Gawlik, former vice minister of the Environment. In the past, Eko Unia mainly worked with agricultural issues but has recently started working with issues concerning the Baltic Sea environment. The organisation often takes a broad, cooperative approach. Read more.

Klub Gaja

Dating back to 1988, Klub Gaja is one of Poland’s oldest NGOs. Based in southern Poland near the Czech boarder, Klub Gaja has a high public profile and often uses alternative methods in its campaigns, such as art, street theatre, music and poetry to get the message across. Read more.

Our Earth Foundation

Our Earth Foundation (Fundacja Nasza Ziemia) is situated in Warsaw and is part of a global network called Clean Up the World. It conducts community-based environmental campaigns that inspires and empowers individuals and whole  communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment. Read more.

Green Federation GAJA

A regional organisation based in Sczezcin, Green Federation GAJA (GFG) is very goal-orientated and often has a practical focus to its projects. It does a combination of local, regional and national works, combining practical conservation action with public campaigns and lobbying of the government.    Read more.

Friends Society of the Ina and Gowienica Rivers

Friends Society of the Ina and Gowienica Rivers (TPRIIG), with its basis in Goleniów Poland, focuses on river protection initiatives. Aimed at retaining the natural state of Ina and Gowienica rivers, TPRIIG conducts activities to ensure sustainable use of water resources. Read more.

Polish Ecological Club

The Polish Ecological Club (PKE) was founded in Cracow in 1980 during the early days of the Solidarity opposition movement and is widely recognised as being the first legally established independent, non-profit, environmental non-governmental organisation in the former socialist block countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more.

Client Earth

Client Earth is an organisation of lawyers started by James Thorton. Client Earth is dedicated to providing a new service to Europe’s NGOs: legal muscle. Equipped with legal strategies, expert analysis and legal advice from our team of world-class activist lawyers, the environmental movement in Europe will have a stronger voice and a deeper impact. Read more.

Green Institute

The Green Institute (Zielony Instytut) is a foundation that deals with the implementation of green ideas into political and social life. The institute promotes the Green movement in Europe and worldwide. Read more.

WWF Poland

According to the organisation, The World Wide Fund for Nature in Poland is devoted to the conservation of natural treasures that are “preserved on a scale that is rarely found in Europe”. Their crown jewels include the Bialowieza Forest – the oldest forest of the European lowlands – and Vistula, the last large and natural European river. Read more.

Greenpeace Poland

When Greenpeace Poland celebrated its fifth anniversary on April 19, 2009, it was noted that much has changed within the scope of environmental work in Poland over those five years, with few Poles today believing that economic development has priority over environmental protection. Next steps for Greenpeace Poland will include a closer look at Natura 2000 protected areas, especially the five designated areas on the Baltic Sea, where they will work towards a complete ban on fisheries and sand and gravel extraction. Read more.

Polish National Angling Directory and Map

The project aims to show the distribution of the leading Anglers Associations and some Fishermen’s Associations on a national scale in Poland. This list will be continually updated as new information and contacts are collected. Read more.