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Polish Ecological Club

Last updated: 07/07/2014

The Polish Ecological Club (PKE) was founded in Cracow in 1980 during the early days of the Solidarity opposition movement and is widely recognised as being the first legally established independent, non-profit, environmental non-governmental organisation in the former socialist block countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

PKE was the first social organisation to openly protest against the policies of the existing government, which treated the environment as an ownerless, valueless property and which imposed an energy-intensive economy based on heavy industry.

The organisation now consist of a National Board in Cracow, 14 regional Branches and over 120 grassroots circles operating throughout the country, bringing together various experts and specialists working in PKE’s Commissions for Environmental Education, Waste Management, Water Management, National Parks, Law, Organic Farming, Transportation, Publications and Health. It publishes a wide variety of scientific reports and bulletins, and it is a member of international organisations, such as Friends of the Earth International, The World Conservation Union and Environment Liaison Centre International.

One of its present programmes is “Green Consumerism”, a campaign that recognises the new role of citizens as consumers in the rapidly emerging market economy and promotes environment-friendly behaviour and attitudes as an alternative to “run-away” consumerism. The programme includes waste reduction actions and it presents criteria for identifying products which are more environment friendly then others.

The Polish Ecological Club is the newest Polish member of Ocean2012, a coalition of more than 100 hundred organisations in Europe and beyond, dedicated to ensuring an effective reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which puts a stop to overfishing, ends destructive fishing practices, and delivers fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks.