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Our Earth Foundation

Last updated: 07/07/2014

Our Earth Foundation (Fundacja Nasza Ziemia) is situated in Warsaw and is part of a global network called Clean Up the World. It conducts community-based environmental campaigns that inspires and empowers individuals and communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Our Earth Foundation runs educational campaigns directed at the general public. For example, it has been running a very successful campaign about recycling in Poland. Many projects consist of practical work and involve public participation, such as school gardens and beach clean ups. The organisation has a strong media profile, through its leader Mira Stanislawska-Meysztowicz, who often attempts to raise public opinion and environmental awareness through spectacular events.

Our Earth Foundation organised the third international “Clean Up the Baltic” initiative in Poland in August 2009. Preparations for the 2010 “Clean Up the Baltic” in September are underway, and organizations around the Baltic are invited to join the event. The campaign engages volunteers and draws attention to the environmental problems in the Baltic region, focusing on pollution and littering. The campaign activities include beach clean ups and diving to collect lost fishing gear – ghost nets. Public participation is encouraged throughout the year through public educational events and press conferences.

Our Earth Foundation collaborates closely with the Eko Unia. Together, the two organisations are running the project the “Baltic is in Poland, Baltic is in Europe”. In June, 2010, as part of the project, Our Earth Foundation produced a book called ‘Fisheye’. The book presents Polish fishing traditions, describes the fish found in the Baltic Sea, and includes traditional fish recipes which reflect the culinary climate of the Hel Peninsula. A discussion of the new, ecological, perspective of the sea as a common good resource in Poland is also addressed. The book will be promoted in 5 large Polish cities, and will be distributed in schools, coastal municipalities, libraries, and restaurants.

Our Earth Foundation is now the leading member of Ocean2012 in Poland, a coalition of more than 100 hundred organisations in Europe and beyond, dedicated to ensuring an effective reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which puts a stop to overfishing, ends destructive fishing practices, and delivers fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks.