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Greenpeace Poland

Last updated: 07/07/2014

When Greenpeace Poland celebrated its fifth anniversary on April 19, 2009, it was noted that much has changed within the scope of environmental work in Poland over those five years.

A majority of Poles nowadays no longer believe that economic development has priority over environmental protection. According to a then just published opinion poll, the public perceives climate change to be one of the greatest environmental issues affecting our environment today.

In an interview departing director Macej Muskat identified two events which defined Greenpeace as one of the leaders in Polish environmental work. One was the successful fight for the Rospuda Valley, a Natura 2000 Protected area, otherwise known as the Green Lungs of Poland, where the government wanted to build a highway. Another source of pride for Greenpeace Poland was its successful defense against GMO products, both manufactured and grown.

Next steps include taking a closer look at Natura 2000 protected areas, especially the five designated areas on the Baltic Sea. Greenpeace will work towards a complete ban on fisheries and sand and gravel extraction in those areas.