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Past Events

  • Tue 27 January - Mon 20 January

    BSAC Executive Committee

    More information forthcoming. 

  • Fri 14 November

    Fishing for space, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Sketching maritime planning and fisheries management in the Baltic Sea Region.

    More info forthcoming.

  • Mon 10 November - Mon 17 November

    ICCAT Special Meeting of the Commission, Genova, Italy

    For more information, agenda and background documents please see link below. 

  • Wed 05 November - Thu 06 November

    PECH Committee meeting

    Some of the issues on the agenda which are of interest for the Baltic Sea region include: Exchange of views with the Commission on the Public Consultation on Technical Measures and presentation by the Commission of delegated and implementing acts with the discard ban being of particular interest.

    Please see below for draft agenda.

  • Thu 30 October

    Inter-AC meeting with Commision, Brussels, Belgium

    The Inter-AC meeting will discuss among others the Advisory Councils their functioning and the implementation of the new CFP, and in particular the new technical measures framework and the discard plans.

    Please see below for draft agenda.


    Attached documents:

  • Wed 29 October

    BSAC Executive Committee, Copenhagen, Denmark

    The meeting will take place at Park Inn Hotel, Engvej 171, 2300 Copenhagen S.

    Please see below for agenda and more information.

  • Thu 23 October

    Fish Dependence Day – Finland, Finland

    Fish Dependence is the day on which imports have to be relied upon because national catches would have run out if only home-caught fish had been eaten since 1 January.

    Finland relies on imports for over two months per year, to satisfy domestic demand for fish products.

    Fish dependence is a powerful concept that illustrates how far over consumption outstrips domestic resources. One way to illustrate this trend is to represent a country’s degree of self-sufficiency as a calendar day – the day in the year when a country has consumed its own supply and must begin sourcing its products from elsewhere, hence the term ‘fish dependence day’. For the EU this date is currently 11th July, after which the EU depends on foreign resources. Fish dependence day is calculated by New Economics Foundation (NEF).

  • Wed 22 October - Thu 23 October

    HELCOM Workshop on Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter

    The Second HELCOM Workshop on Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter (MARINE LITTER 2/2014) will be held on 22-23 October 2014 in Stralsund, Germany, at the premises of the Ozeanuem/Meeresmuseum

    Due to the space limitation, the Contracting Parties are kindly requested to invite up to four people, from national administrations, NGOs with expertise on marine litter, as well as stakeholders from e.g. the waste management and wastewater treatment sectors, the shipping and fishing industries and the fields of product design and education.


  • Mon 20 October - Fri 24 October

    STECF Fish Processing Economic performance of the EU fish processing sector, Hamburg, Germany

    Agenda forthcoming.

  • Mon 20 October - Tue 21 October

    12th meeting of the Working Group on Good Environmental Status

    The 12th meeting of the WG GES within the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) will take place in Brussels 20-21 October.

    Main topics on the agenda is the Art 12 assessment and how to improve the assessment of GES. The outcomes from the meetings that took place earlier this autumn reviewing GES decisions  for each descriptor will be presented.

    Attached documents:

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