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Past Events

  • Thu 02 July

    BSAC Executive Committee

    More information forthcoming.

  • Thu 25 June

    Environmental Defense Fund EU Discard Reduction Manual Webinar

    Environmental Defense Fund recently published the EU Discard Reduction Manual to help support those seeking ways to implement the EU Common Fisheries Policy Landing Obligation. And now invites stakeholders to join them for a webinar looking at how the Manual can be used and to answer questions on its contents.

    The webinar is for anyone interested in finding ways to implement the Landing Obligation. The webinar is open to fishermen and their representatives, fishery managers, academics, scientists, NGOs, politicians and European Commission officials.

    Two of the key developers of the Manual will discuss the management tools presented in the document and elaborate on how they can be practically applied on the water, drawing on a number of fisheries management success stories in Europe and around the world.

    Please contact Jo Pollett if you have any queries and send her your advance questions:

  • Thu 25 June

    Inter-AC meeting with the Commission, Brussels, Belgium

    More info forthcoming.

  • Wed 24 June - Thu 25 June

    EFCA seminar on the landing obligation, Roskilde, Denmark

    The European Fisheries Control Agency organises a seminar on the monitoring of the landing obligation.

    The meeting will take place in Roskilde, Denmark.

    Please see document below for more information.

    Attached documents:

  • Tue 23 June - Thu 25 June

    ICES training: Fisheries Management to Meet Biodiversity Conservation Needs, Copenhagen, Denmark

    ICES offers a training course with the to raise the level of understanding of middle and senior level science advisors and fisheries and environmental managers regarding the interface between fisheries and biodiversity issues.

    The course will cover both theoretical elements and how to put theory into practice through case studies and exercises. Specific objectives are to provide participants with:

    • understanding of the needs for biodiversity conservation from fishery science and management;
    • familiarity with international policies and targets for fisheries and for biodiversity;
    • understanding of fishery management measures to meet biodiversity as well as fisheries policy targets.

    Application deadline: 4 May 2015

    For more information and registration please see link below.

  • Tue 16 June - Wed 17 June

    Fisheries Committee meeting, Brussels, Belgium

    On the agenda are, among others, common rules with a view to the application for the external dimension of the CFP, including fisheries agreements which will be with both the Council and the Commission.

    For more information please see agenda and meeting docs below. 

  • Tue 16 June

    Public hearing: The Single European Eco Label – Setting Minimum Criteria

    This hearing will be discussing objectivity and validity of current systems as well as values and potential impact of the EU Eco label.

  • Tue 16 June - Wed 17 June

    HELCOM Meeting: development of the second holistic assessment of the Baltic Sea, Gothenburg, Sweden

    The third meeting of the project for the development of the second holistic assessment of the Baltic Sea (HOLAS II 3-2015) will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, 16-17 June 2015.

    On the agenda are:

    • Outcomes of HELCOM Meetings of relevance for HOLAS II
    • Update on available indicators for HOLAS II
    • Data flow arrangements for HELCOM indicators
    • Workshop to support the development of the biodiversity assessment tool within HOLAS II
    • Further planning of the social and economic component
    • Update of the Roadmap
  • Mon 15 June - Fri 19 June

    ICES training: Stock Assessment Introduction, Copenhagen, Denmark

    ICES introductory training course on stock assessment provides instruction, demonstration, and exercises in population modelling as applied to fishery resources.

    The general objective of the course is to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in basic population dynamics and stock assessment. The course not only presents the theoretical elements but also puts theory into practice through case studies and hands-on exercises.

    Specific objectives are:

    • understanding the role of stock assessment in fishery science
    • familiarity with conventional stock assessment models
    • experience in basic model building and parameter estimatio
    Application deadline: 5 May 2015
    For more information and registration please see link below.
  • Mon 15 June - Tue 16 June

    AG Fisk workshop: Fisheries and aquaculture in the marine environment, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Workshop on fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment looking at the environmental challenges and regulations associated, with a particular focus on nitrogen.

    Please see agenda below for more information.

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