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Past Events

  • Tue 27 January - Mon 20 January

    BSAC Executive Committee

    More information forthcoming. 

  • Wed 21 January - Thu 22 January

    Fisheries Committee Meeting

    Please see links below for more information.

  • Fri 16 January

    Fisheries Council Meeting

    More info forthcoming.

  • Tue 13 January - Wed 14 January

    MIACO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

    A meeting between ICES, the Advisory Councils (ACs) and observers will take place at ICES offices in Copenhagen from 1pm Tuesday 13 to 1 pm Wednesday 14th.


  • Tue 13 January - Fri 16 January

    Workshop to Evaluate the TAC Calculation for Herring in IIIa and management plan for herring in the North Se, Copenhagen, Denmark

    ICES will host a Workshop to Evaluate the TAC Calculation for Herring in IIIa and management plan for herring in the North Sea (WKHerTAC). The workshop will take place at ICES in Copenhagen 13–16 January 2015.

  • Wed 07 January

    Round table on the Multispecies Management Plan for the Baltic Sea, Brussels, Belgium

    The meeting will focus on technical and horizontal aspects of this first multispecies management plan, which will also provide basis for  coherent legislative framework for future mutlispecies plans in the EU

    RSVP to before 5th of January 2015.

    Please see attached document for more information.

  • Wed 07 January

    BSAC Joint working group meeting, Brussels, Belgium

    This meeting will deal with the Commission proposal for a multi-species management plan for the Baltic. MEPs have been invited for an Exchange of views. There are plans of a broader meeting in the afternoon, where BSAC representatives will be invited to.

  • Mon 29 December

    Fish Dependence Day – Denmark, Denmark

    Fish Dependence is the day on which imports have to be relied upon because national catches would have run out if only home-caught fish had been eaten since 1 January.

    Denmark relies on imports for approximately two days per year, to satisfy domestic demand for fish products.

    Fish dependence is a powerful concept that illustrates how far over consumption outstrips domestic resources. One way to illustrate this trend is to represent a country’s degree of self-sufficiency as a calendar day – the day in the year when a country has consumed its own supply and must begin sourcing its products from elsewhere, hence the term ‘fish dependence day’. For the EU this date is currently 11th July, after which the EU depends on foreign resources. Fish dependence day is calculated by New Economics Foundation (NEF).

  • Thu 11 December - Fri 12 December

    ICES introductory training course on stock assessment, Brussels, Belgium

    The training course is designed for DG MARE officials and is also open to the members of the RACs and other stakeholders. The course includes topics such as the advisory process (including data collection) and the latest developments at ICES (on data limited stocks, mixed fisheries and multispecies fisheries).

    Please note that the subjects of the two days can be followed separately, so it is possible to attend only for one day.

    Please see invitation and agenda below for more information and how to register.

    Attached documents:

  • Tue 09 December - Wed 10 December

    SAMBAH Swedish workshop, Norrköping, Sweden

    The SAMBAH project is an international project with participants from all EU countries around the Baltic Sea. It is co-funded by EU LIFE + and several national authorities and organizations. The host, the Kolmarden Wildlife Park is the international project coordinator, assisted by Aquabiota Water Research with the project administration.

    The SAMBAH Swedish workshop is targeted towards Swedish stakeholders (maritime sector, fisheries, energy and environmental conservation managers, national authorites and NGOs).

    The conference will take place at Kolmården Wildlife Park close to Norrköping in Sweden and back to back to the SAMBAH international end of project conference.

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