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Last updated: 17/08/2015

The Fisheries Secretariat (FISH) is a non-profit organisation working to minimize the negative effects of fishing on the marine environment.

The Stockholm-based secretariat was founded in 2003 by three environmental organisations: The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, WWF Sweden and the Swedish Angler’s Association. These NGOs are our member organisations and are represented on the Fisheries Secretariat board. In May 2009, Nature and Youth Sweden (Fältbiologerna) also became a member.

The work of the Fisheries Secretariat (FISH) has broad support. The Swedish Government is a main contributor, but FISH also receives financial support from charitable foundations and other NGOs.

To reach our long-term goal, the Fisheries Secretariat promotes the application of ecosystem-based management and the precautionary approach, together with practical solutions that minimise the effects of fishing on the marine environment. Our work is based on the best available knowledge and information. To maximise the effects of our efforts, we strive to co-operate with environmental organisations and other stakeholders that share our goal. FISH currently has three staff.

Our board members are:

Ellen Bruno (chair), Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Inger Näslund, WWF Sweden
Markus Lundgren (vice-chair) , Swedish Anglers’ Association

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